Dr. Mariam Ali A. Malik

Chair of Conference Organizing Committee
Managing Director
Primary Health Care Corporation

Amidst a world that has faced global pandemics, epidemics, climate disintegration and natural disasters, PHCC yet again, through its series of international conferences, is shedding the light on primary health care as the cornerstone of humankind health and wellbeing.

With the success of the past edition of the Primary Health Conference in Doha held in 2020, PHCC/Qatar is delighted to announce the "5th International Conference on Primary Healthcare to be held from 9-12 November 2023 in Doha. The conference is organized under the theme Primary Care Today: Lessons Learnt, Future Action for Sustainability".

In line with PHCC strategy and global strategies, this high-level event embraces a variety of topics and methods that include cutting-edge research findings, innovations, integrated strategies, and peoples centered approaches for improving healthcare delivery, panel discussions, workshops, and keynote presentations. Each designed to deepen the understanding of primary health care and its transformative impact on communities.

As the world emerges from the adversities of Covid -19, the conference grants a special focus on building back better by learning from success stories, challenges, innovative solutions, and best practices to face a world with rising health obstacles, related climate change issues and natural disasters. All adversely affecting people’s health systems.

As we embark on this four-day journey, let us remember that primary health care is not just a profession. It is an obligation and a calling that requires both up to date knowledge, empathy, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

The details of an enlightening journey, that awaits you over the next few days, is presented through the pages of this booklet which provides you with comprehensive information about the conference, its objectives, the wealth of knowledge-sharing opportunities, in addition to background information about Primary Health Care Corporation in Qatar.

Our speakers and presenters, comprising renowned experts and thought leaders in the field, are poised to inspire and educate. Their insights will ignite discussions, foster collaborations, and share with us experiences, lessons learned, forecasts, and the tools necessary to address the pressing challenges facing primary healthcare today and tomorrow.

Thank you for joining us at the Primary Health Care Conference 2023. Let us embark on this educational journey together, with the shared goal of advancing primary healthcare and improving the well-being of all individuals and families.

Dr. Zelaikha Mohsin Al Wahedi

Chair of Conference Scientific Committee
Assistant Managing Director of Quality & Workforce Development
Primary Health Care Corporation

I am pleased to have you join the 5th International Primary Health Care Conference which is organized by Primary Health Care Corporation, Qatar.

Undoubtedly, in recent years, in Qatar and elsewhere, we have witnessed remarkable advancements in primary health care that deserve recognition and celebration. Progress in research, technological innovations such as building digital platforms, telemedicine, and digital consultations, have revolutionized the way health services are delivered.

In PHCC Qatar, we work tirelessly to pursue these advancements which have not only improved access to healthcare, but they have also enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare service delivery to all.

The integration of data analytics, encouragement and support to scientific research and integration of relevant technological advances into our primary health care has led to more personalized and evidence-based treatments.

This data-driven and people centered strategy transformed patient outcomes, ensuring that the right interventions are timely, ultimately saving lives and reducing healthcare costs. Evidently, investing in primary health care is one that yields great dividends for the prosperity and future of our societies. In terms of numbers, studies have shown that countries with strong primary health care systems experience better health outcomes, increased life expectancy, and higher levels of economic productivity .

While we celebrate these advancements, we must also learn from previous hurdles and acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead. Ongoing global health crises have exposed the vulnerabilities in our healthcare systems, emphasizing the need for stronger primary health care infrastructure with preventive measures, timely health services and scientific research to be at the top of the agenda.

In 2023, our conference, under the theme "Primary Care Today: Lessons Learnt, Future Action for Sustainability" focuses on topics that are timely and urgent especially at a time when we need to recover from the impact of years of global suffering from the effects of COVID-19 and disasters.

Through a diverse array of 6 workshops and 30 sessions, the conference agenda facilitates key topics such as, healthcare resilience during global crises, models of care and innovations, clinical practice updates, quality improvement and capacity building, as well as specialized topics in infectious disease, mental health, and scientific advancements.

To meet its vision of becoming the leader and add value in transforming the health and wellbeing of people’s lives in Qatar, PHCC research team diligently support and promote a vast research agenda related to advancement in primary health care.

I believe that together, by promoting the application of research evidence in developing and implementing interventions, health policies and strategies, we can alleviate Primary Health Care to higher levels of quality and performance.

At the end of my remarks, I would like to extend my gratitude to the members of the IPHCC 2023 Scientific Committee for unmatched efforts and dedication. Also, I would like to convey appreciation for the strong support by the organizing committee as well as to the speakers and facilitators for their valuable time and contributions.

Thank you.

Mrs. Huda Al Wahedi

Chair of Conference Logistics Committee
Executive Director of Corporate Communications
Primary Health Care Corporation

As mentioned by PHCC leadership, Dr Mariam, Abdul Malik, "As we face new and emerging health threats, such as pandemics and climate change-related health issues, primary health care must adapt and innovate to meet the changing needs of our population".

Today, in times of changing global dynamics, persistent health challenges, tough socioeconomic situations, and natural disasters, it’s an honor to be here among all of those joining in the, timely, 5th International Primary Health Care Conference to contribute to a topic of utmost significance: Primary Health Care.

In an era marked by cutting edge technological advancements and interconnectedness, effective communication has developed, in the sphere of PHC, as a vital aspect of building resilient and efficient healthcare systems.

As primary health care is the starting point for individuals seeking healthcare assistance, it is evident that its success rests in the power of deploying effective communication tools for engaging a wider audience and achieving better results. Evidently, good communication is at the core of all good medical care, no matter where you are.

In the context of PHCC Qatar, communication for better health is a two-way street: it involves conveying medical information and listening to patients' needs, and perspectives. Our role is pivotal in publishing results and utilizing evidence for behavior change towards better health and wellbeing. For that purpose, we position key principles for effective communication.

Firstly, comes building and sharing of information, which is a key pillar that we always need to ensure is active, dynamic, engaging, and multi-directional.

Another key principle is the deployment of relevant and simple communication channels and tools. Medical language can be frightening and confusing for patients. As effective communicators, we translate complex medical terminology into plain and understandable language; multiple languages and formats enhances accessibility and inclusivity.

A key communication principle that we also uphold is empathy and active listening. We provide support and empowerment to ensure active listening to patients, understand their emotions, and validate their needs. We create a nurturing environment that encourages open dialogue and shared decision-making.

Another central principle is building our theory of change, on evidence and raising awareness amongst our patients and visitors as a fundamental approach. Improving health literacy is critical for empower patients to take charge of their health. and make informed health-related choices.

Furthermore, embracing and mixing between innovative technologies, advancement in media and communications that includes both digitalized and traditional media channels, helps us reach a broader audience and engage with patients in diverse ways.

As effective communicators, we play a crucial role in fostering clear, concise, and respectful interactions among various healthcare professionals, thus enhancing patient outcomes and overall teamwork.

Let us strive together to foster a healthcare ecosystem where every individual feels heard, respected, and supported in their pursuit of better health. Thank you for your attention and looking forward to enriching discussions during this conference.