Technology Innovations in primary care

Al Wosail Ballroom

Saturday, November 11, 2023

1:20 PM - 1:35 PM


Technology plays a vital role in delivery of healthcare services in primary care. Patients, clinicians and technicians are now connected through an Electronic Medical Record. Virtual Health, that was introduced during Covid, has become a new channel of health delivery and is here to stay. Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence can alert clinicians to findings that are inaccessible to human senses. Technology is also an essential tool to engage with new generations of patients. They require instant and intuitive access to health information and are receptive to new ways of learning.


How can primary care prepare for these technological advances and challenges that come with them? How to set priorities for technology projects to balance traditional health information systems and new technologies? This presentation will explore opportunities to engage technology in delivery of primary care services to improve prevention and patient outcomes in an innovative technology setting.