Workshop 2 - Quality improvement and patient experience

Al Sabia Meeting Room

Friday, November 10, 2023

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


This interactive workshop will support you to learn how to apply Value Improvement principals to achieve high quality healthcare, improved capacity and productivity while ensuring effective communication and joy in work. Value Improvement methodology is a novel quality improvement method to reduce cost and maximize on system capacity while improving the quality and safety of patient care and process performance.


-Recognize the importance of strategic approach to Value improvement.
-Understand the principles of Value Improvement
-Apply value improvement methodologies locally to optimize the quality of patient care.
-Identify the 3 components of Value Improvement methodology
-Develop practical skills on Quality Improvement tools for Value Improvement to achieve transformational results
-Learn how to implement Joy in Work in the workplace and Explore innovative approaches to enhance job satisfaction and reduce burnout among healthcare professionals


Derived from lean accounting and employing quality improvement (QI) methods, the approach empowers frontline teams in addition to management to reduce or repurpose resources to improve efficiency thereby moving from “volume to value” to ensure that cost reduction or optimization is driven by improvements in clinical and operational quality.
Discover both the theoretical foundations and practical techniques that empower you to establish a robust quality management system within your specific domain. Acquire proficiency in value management principles designed to enhance team dynamics, communication, psychological safety and joy in work.


Value improvement elements, Linkage chart, Capacity and Cost measures, Joy at Work