Workshop 6 - Diabetic foot care for primary healthcare professionals

Al Bateel Meeting Room

Friday, November 10, 2023

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


This workshop is a joint effort between HMC & PHCC delivering an evidence -based approach to the management of diabetic foot issues. It will look into the pathophysiology of Diabetic foot, diabetic neuropathy, Charcot foot, osteomyelitis, Classification of diabetic foot ulcers , offloading and managing various issues related of diabetic foot including skin infection ,fungal and nail pathology along with arterial and vascular components .


1. Attain knowledge , skills and expertise in: Stratifying at risk patients. Managing diabetic foot ulcers. , Diagnosing osteomyelitis with early recognition & or timely referral, Learning the techniques of offloading ,Wound bed management / preparation, Critically analyzing different dressing materials i.e. foams, alginate, hydro gels etc. ,Ability to classify ulcers according to Wegner’s & PEDIS system.
2. Critically analyse factors contributing to the morbidity & mortality associated with diabetic foot ulcer / amputation.
3. Demonstrate the ability to assess various stages of diabetic foot ulceration, perform vascular assessment using hand held doppler ,measurement of ankle brachial pressure index measurement, ability to utilize an infrared temperature device, monofilament, 128 KHZ tunning fork and neuro thesiometer.
4. Ability to recognize different wounds / ulcers whether neuropathic, ischemic or combined.
5. addressing the major advantages / disadvantages of the different major types of wound / ulcer dressings and demonstrating appropriate selection of addressing for a specific patient.
6. Ability to diagnose osteomyelitis & Charcot arthropathy utilizing roentgen’s films and clinically.
7. Proposing appropriate antimicrobial / anti mycotic treatment for different conditions including cellulitis, Tina pedis , infected ulcers , onychomycosis , Tinea rubrum , pseudomonas infections & MRSA .
8. Apply a holistic approach in managing the whole patient rather than the hole in the patient i.e. metabolic control, psychological wellbeing & family support with proposing preventive foot care practices.
9. Ability to carry out an initial comprehensive diabetic foot assessment and on a continuous basis.
10. Critically analyze the management options, including debridement, offloading, infection control & dressing materials.
11. Describe the role of adjuvant therapies in treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.


. Various modalities of treatments shall be discussed with an emphasis on what conditions can be treated at PHC level and what a should be referred to secondary care. This workshop will deliver a hand on experience with live cases and various tools used in the assessment and treatment of diabetic foot conditions.


Diabetic Foot Care for Primary Healthcare Professional