Workshop 5 - PHC Clinical Pearls

Al Sabia Meeting Room

Friday, November 10, 2023

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


In today's rapidly changing world, it is vital for physicians to stay updated with current medical knowledge. A key method for achieving this is through regular review of concise and self-contained clinical pearls shared by expert healthcare professionals in the literature and at conferences. Clinical pearls are derived from experience or observations, rooted in patient-centered care, and possess applicability to other patients.


-Recognize clinical pearls as concise, self-contained information derived from experience or observations, relevant to patient-centered care.
-Explore real-life cases to identify significant clinical pearls in some of the most common presenting problems in PHCC in Qatar.
-Develop autonomy in self-directed learning by selecting and analyzing cases.
-Comprehend how clinical pearls contribute to professional development and lifelong learning.
-Encourage sharing of knowledge through teaching and publishing to benefit fellow healthcare professionals.


In our workshop, you will explore multiple complex real-life cases representing examples of the most common clinical problems encountered in primary care in Qatar, enabling you to gain clinical reasoning and judgement in a simple practical way. Using a self-directed learning approach, you will have the full power to select and engage with cases actively and understand the most important clinical pearls associated with each case. By the workshop's end, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of clinical pearls in primary care practice, their significant contribution to your continuous professional development, and be motivated to integrate this tool into your lifelong learning journey.
I. Introduction
-Welcome and introduction to the importance of staying updated with medical knowledge in a rapidly changing world.
II. Understanding Clinical Pearls
-Definition of clinical pearls and their significance in patient-centered care.
-Discussion on the sources of clinical pearls, including literature and conferences.
-Highlighting the applicability of clinical pearls to other patients.
III. PART 1: Real-Life Case Studies
-Presentation and small group discussions of multiple complex real-life cases, each showcasing unique clinical pearls.
-Facilitator-led analysis and discussion of the most important clinical pearls associated with each case.
-Collaborative exploration of additional clinical pearls contributed by participants and encouragement for participants to actively engage in case selection and analysis, fostering autonomy and active involvement.
V. PART 2: Real-Life Case Studies
VI. Conclusion
-Recapitulation of the workshop's key concepts and learning points regarding clinical pearls.
-Emphasizing the significant contribution of clinical pearls to continuous professional development.
-Motivational discussion on integrating clinical pearls into participants' lifelong learning journey and guidance on additional resources for accessing clinical pearls.


PHC Clinical Pearls